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"Kirigaya"s application
What is your Glitch username ?: Kirigaya

What network are you ?: illuminati

How long have you played Glitch ?: About 47 days

What time zone are you in ?: GMT-0400 (Amazonas Standard Time)

What is your availability to be in the game ?: Every day several times

Why do you want to be a Glitch moderator ?: Help the game and also call friends from my country to play with the staff, a moderator who speaks the same language is always welcome.

Do you have any experience of moderation? If yes, what kind and where ?: Yes, IRC, Tanki Online for computer

What would make you a great moderator ?: No one is a great moderator, we just follow the rules and help others, this is essential for a healthy moderation

What do you do if a friend or member of the network is violating the rules ?: First watch once or twice if the act continues will certainly be punished according to the rules, if there are rules in the game and the person breaks knowing that it is forbidden I can do nothing but do my part.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? I'm Brazilian and my native language is portuguese, any question I would not hesitate to answer.

thank you for your attention!
Your thread must be like:
<name> application
Okay, I'll edit.

Thanks for the remark.

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