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Hey everyone!!

I'm ImNoTroller aka INT. Im currently 17 years old and living on this earth with a dream that glitch will one day thrive with active players!! My hobbies include programming, music and spamming thutchinton with bug reports. Now for the history of my username. ImNoTroller was created by me when i signed up for Hackers Onlime a few years ago. My intentions were indeed to be a troll but not long into the game chat i saw what it meant to be part of a community. It was truely awesome having to chat for hours with the community about the most nonsense you could think of. One thing led to another and I became a community chosen mod!! I was known as the non trolling moderator. Till this day i hate the name but keep it as a reminder of don't judge one from its name. I ascended to glitch from Elite Hax which i will never forget. So i guess thats me

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