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Hello fellows!
I am Kirigaya, I am currently 18 years old, I live in Brazil, my hobbies are games, I currently have simple programming courses, I have computer courses and etc ...

I can not stay in chat all the time but I always come take a look, who wants to talk or ask anything is just ask me in the chat, who wants to get in touch through social networks I regret to inform that I do not have many, but I use network social "WhatsApp" used in Brazil and also use "LINE" and "Discord".
I hope to have a good relationship with the other players improve more and more and also help the playmates, I intend to improve a little more and then call friends from the country to play as well. Any question just ask or send a private message.
My main language is Portuguese, but I also speak English, but some words are difficult and I use a translator to help me. I also speak a little Spanish.
And that's it!

Thanks for attention!!!

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Welcome to the forum and Glitch! Hope you enjoy the game!
Today the Devil whispered in my ear, 
     "You can't withstand the storm". 

     I simply smiled and then replied, 
           "I am the fucking storm"..! 

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