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How To Login
Hello Glitchers,

If you haven't noticed yet, we have a new forum! To login, simply click the login button in the top right of the screen (or click here) and enter your Glitch, Hacking Simulator username and password! Your forum account will be automatically generated and will be ready to use immediately! It's as simple as that! You only need one username and password for the game, website, and forum! If you are having any issues, feel free to comment below, send me a PM here, contact me on Line, Discord, or email us at or myself directly at!

Thank you,
Thank you,

Read our Forum Rules

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I try to login but says your account has been disabled, what i have to do?
I get an error when I try to log in and I can't post a screen shot to show the error...
Today the Devil whispered in my ear, 
     "You can't withstand the storm". 

     I simply smiled and then replied, 
           "I am the fucking storm"..! 

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